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Premium Lens Options

Beyond Basic Vision Correction

At Sweeney Eye Associates, in addition to the safety and precision of laser-assisted cataract removal, we offer multiple lens implant options for our patients undergoing advanced cataract surgery including the latest premium lens implants, allowing patients to see far, near, and everything in-between with little to no dependance on glasses, contacts, readers or bifocals. Choosing the right lens to fit your lifestyle is an important factor in ensuring satisfaction post cataract surgery.

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What is a Premium Lens Implant?

During cataract surgery, your eyes natural lens, which is diseased from cataracts, is replaced by a article clear lens. In the past, patients only had the choice of one lens replacement option, a monofocal lens implant. After cataract surgery with a monofocal lens, most patients would still have to wear glasses for distance vision and almost all would require some form of readers to see up close. But now, patients’ have options between several premium lens implants, which are tailored to their lifestyle, personal goals and prescription. This allows patients to virtually eliminate the need for glasses for all distances, even up close, with little to no dependance on glasses or contacts.

Premium lens implants allow for patients undergoing cataract surgery to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses to see in the distance, intermediate and even up close! Some patients may require readers to see fine print, such as the back of a medicine bottle, or in dark settings, such as a poorly lit restaurant. 

The best candidates for a premium IOL are those that wish to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses after undergoing cataract removal. Premium lens implants are amazing for those that play sports such as golf, swimming, running, tennis or other activities such as reading, needling or crocheting, or people that simply just want to have a lifestyle free of glasses or contacts. 

There is no such thing as “perfect vision.” But, our goal at Sweeney Eye Associates is to give our patients their best possible vision, often exceeding 20/20 for distance vision. Most patients that have cataract surgery at our practice and elect to have a premium lens implant, require little or no dependance on glasses. However, some patients still may require glasses to see well in the distance, such as driving a car at night or seeing small print in a dimly lit restaurant. Some patients may see glare or halos at night, but this usually goes away after several months. 

At Sweeney Eye Associates, we will discuss all your options for your cataract IOL replacement. We’ll show you all the options out there and help you choose a lenses that is best for your personal best vision. 

Popular Premium Lens Options at Sweeney Eye Associates

PanOptix Lenses:
Multifocal lenses for cataracts, offering clear vision at all distances, reducing reliance on glasses.

Vivity IOLs:
Toric lenses treating astigmatism, ensuring crisp vision after cataract surgery without glasses.

Light Adjustable Lenses:
An intraocular lens adjusted post-implantation for personalized vision correction in cataract surgery.