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Discover improved vision and quality of life with the cutting-edge lens options from Sweeney Eye Associates! Alcon AcrySof IQ Vivity lenses provide an innovative blend of distance, intermediate and near vision for cataract sufferers. If you want to know more about this exciting new technology, book a consultation with one of our experienced eye doctors today.

Vivity IOL

What Makes Vivity Lens Different than Other Premium Intraocular Lens Options?

  • With Alcon’s innovative Vivity lens, your vision can experience the full spectrum of light. X-wave technology enables a continuous range of focus that maximizes clarity in varies lighting conditions – from dark nighttime to bright sunshine. In comparison to traditional diffractive lenses which split the wavefront into many focal points, Vivity ensures an improved and more natural visual experience for all occasions!
  • The Vivity IOL offers complete protection from the harsh effects of UV and digital blue -light rays, so you can enjoy both sunny days and online time without worrying about damaging your eyes.
  • For many patients who had cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant, night driving can often be difficult due to halos, starbursts and glare from their lenses. With Vivity lens technology however, these visual disturbances are significantly reduced or even eliminated altogether – making it a major advantage for those wanting better visibility when on the road.

Is the Vivity IOL Safe?

After rigorous evaluation, the FDA gave its seal of approval to Alcon’s Vivity Lens in the spring of 2020. This came after two successful clinical trials that demonstrated its safety and efficacy. Now patients can enjoy this improved contact lens technology! Australian and western European ophthalmologists have been using the Vivity procedure for some time now, achieving outstanding clinical outcomes with an extremely satisfied patient base.

Will I Still Need to Use My Glasses with a Vivity Lens?

Taking the necessary steps to correct your vision can offer you clearer sight. While results may vary from person-to-person, many patients experience improved eyesight for viewing distant and intermediate objects both in well-lit or darkened settings.

Can Vivity Lens Correct My Astigmatism?

Cataract surgery can now be a solution for astigmatism repair! Thanks to the Vivity Toric lens, which is specially designed for this purpose, patients may receive correction of their astigmatic vision during cataract procedure.
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Will My Insurance Pay for Vivity Lenses?

No need to worry if you are in the market for premium lenses – Medicare and most other insurances have got your back. However, they will only cover cataract surgery with a monovision lens which may mean having to choose between distance correction or close-up vision. It is common practice to opt for distance correction then use glasses afterwards when taking on reading tasks.
However, if you’re considering investing in Vivity Lenses, the cost of the lens might be out-of-pocket, bur your insurance will cover the actual cataract surgery.

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If you’re seeking a more convenient lifestyle without needing glasses for most of your daily activities, then the Vivity Lens is an excellent option. It may be worth investing in to achieve quality vision and peace of mind. Ready to determine if this new technology from Sweeney Eye Associates can meet your cataract needs? Make sure to plan an appointment today – there’s never been a better time!

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