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See Great After Cataract Surgery

Introducing the new Alcon PanOptix intraocular lens implant, now available at Sweeney Eye Associates in Richardson and Sunnyvale! This innovative lens technology is helping cataract patients see better than they have in years. In a recent study, 99% of PanOptix lens recipients stated that they would choose the same implantable lens again, and 98% said that they would recommend it to a friend or family member.

This Trifocal IOL is designed to give you excellent vision over a range of distances. With the PanOptix IOL, most patients will have good vision near, far, and intermediate. Patients who choose this lens can eliminate or significantly reduce their dependence on reading glasses or bifocals.

Sweeney Eye Associates

For patients who receive this lens, please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not evaluate your vision until you have had surgery in both eyes. It is very difficult for your brain to accept the difference in the vision between your two eyes until they can work together and adjust to your new vision.
  • You are likely to see some glare and halos around lights after surgery. This usually improves within a few months.
  • Typically, the best reading will be achieved in high light conditions. You will likely need reading glasses in dim light.
  • Your range of vision should be good and with time will adjust. Have patience.
  • You may still need glasses after surgery, but you should need them less for most daily activities.

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